Our Future
Meeting the challenges and opportunities ahead

Our future will embody our ambitious vision to lead other independent and Jewish schools around the country in implementing a unique, integrated Jewish educational approach for our students. Our School strives for financial, programmatic and capital stability and flexibility to meet the challenges and opportunities in the near and distant future.

In the next 5 years, we are committed to achieving the following 3 goals:

1) Advancing innovative and dynamic programs that are grounded and strengthened by the research-based educational practices already in place.

A growing and robust 21st Century curriculum requires these key factors:

A. Hiring, training and retaining talented faculty and School leadership. The single-biggest predictor of academic achievement is the classroom teacher – Alice and Nahum Lainer School will make additional investments in current and new personnel who support and elevate our curriculum. The School will also invest more resources in professional development.

B. Funding to sustain and implement cross-curricular education through visionary programs that promote the School’s mission. Alice and Nahum Lainer School will continue to sustain current programs such as the Orchestra and the 8th Grade Class Israel Trip, and infuse resources into current dynamic programs that enhance curriculum such as J-STEAM.

2) Initiate capital projects throughout our campus to create visionary, cutting-edge spaces reflective of our dynamic program and 21st century teaching and learning.

Alice and Nahum Lainer School has always maintained a standard of excellence in cutting-edge quality, but the School’s potential is still limited because of constraints to our facilities.

Our forward-thinking vision for program growth is only possible by continually optimizing the spaces in which our students learn.

Facility expansion and renovations are vital to building Alice and Nahum Lainer School’s legacy, both today and for future generations. We have seen great strides in our J-STEAM program through the recent build out of the science lab and maker space. Alice and Nahum Lainer School can replicate these successes to other parts of our School.

Our intention is to renovate configurations and renew technologies to create a facility that reflects Alice and Nahum Lainer School’s pedagogical priorities of integrated learning and design thinking; differentiation and flexible grouping; experiential learning, and developmentally responsive practices.

3) Increasing the School’s endowment in order to remain accessible to children and families who would benefit from education in our learning community.

As our community reflects on 50 years of providing Jewish education and academic excellence, we look to the future to ensure Alice and Nahum Lainer School as a premier Jewish day school for generations to come. We seek to double the amount of tuition assistance derived from its endowment, providing young families in the future the opportunity to experience Jewish learning at its best.


Alice and Nahum Lainer School envisions a future in which School and Temple facilities reflect pedagogical priorities, programmatic needs, and communal goals—all within a proud, seamless Jewish environment that serves our overall mission.