Shaping excited, curious, resilient learners…
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Alice and Nahum Lainer School maintains a distinctive place in the national Jewish educational landscape. We are a visionary school whose mission lies in helping our students learn their place in the world, by immersing themselves in both longstanding tradition and cutting-edge technology; by problem solving and by learning to compromise. It is a curriculum that combines joyous exploration with academic rigor to shape excited, curious, resilient learners and citizens. The excellent, comprehensive education we provide for Jewish children turns out smart, compassionate young leaders who recognize the dignity of every human being and wish to use their understanding of Jewish values to make the world a better place.

After 50 years of excellence, we are poised to secure and strengthen Alice and Nahum Lainer School’s legacy for the next 50 years and beyond:

• An incredible, transformative gift from the Alice and Nahum Lainer Family Foundation, in the summer of 2017, ensures our ability to continue to expand our capabilities as an educational institution, on a path of renewed strength and commitment to the Jewish future. The Lainer Family’s gift is one of the largest and most generous ever bestowed upon a Jewish day school in this country.

• With its brand-new, dedicated space, our Parenting Center enrollment increased dramatically over the last year from 67 to 407 families. Parents wind up making lifelong friendships and, critically, gain an introduction to our supportive learning environment.

• Our graduates attend (and are well-prepared for) the best private and public school programs throughout Los Angeles. Over 90% of our 8th grade graduates are accepted to their first choice for high school.

• Through immersive dual language instruction in Hebrew and English, our students reap the proven cognitive and social benefits of learning in more than one language, engaging authentically with Jewish texts and traditions on a daily basis. As extensive research has shown, students who learn a second language (or third or fourth…) can approach all their subjects—from math to science to art and beyond—from different perspectives, giving them significant intellectual and personal advantages.  

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Students come to us from 28 countries and a wide range of religious environments — and are a living example of K’lal Yisrael, the diverse Jewish community.

Alice and Nahum Lainer School is still thriving today, five decades after we opened our doors, because of its deeply rooted core values, which have bolstered every step in the School’s continued evolution.

We are not simply one of Los Angeles’ most competitive, top-notch resources for ECC through 8th grade education, but we are committed to building the Jewish future together, and raising students who are able to engage their past, to meet the challenges of our present, and to embrace the future in order to make the world a better place.